• Piano ClassicA whole month dedicated to the greatest composers along with famous
    international interpreters will be held the masterclass of classical
    piano music (Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin, Liszt, etc.)

  • Sounds in the town Jazz Concerts in OhioWoodSide Green Park

    213 Camrose Ct, Gahanna, OH 43230, Stati Uniti

    historical tradition from 1965 to meet all together in the spring, to listen to jazz, a music  live fair  in the heart of the city.

  • Music Electronic Contest BerlinThe most exciting electronic music festival.
    In Berlin between art and the urban environment every year, a crowd of
    dancing fans, on mixed notes of famous DJs from around the world.

  • Album On The Bird StreetThe new series of original discs in their preparation of the great
    masterpieces of Parker “The Bird” a journey of an unforgettable
    artist. Throughout the jazz community this is a reminder of a journey
    that has

  • Omega band Rock/rap/electro soundAn emerging group of young Europeans who after studying at the
    conservatories they founded a team where experience rock / rap and
    They follow their techniques and mixing vintage pieces with live

  • John Anthony Sander  saxophonistInternational musician, session musician in New York, working with
    historical groups of soul music and contemporary jazz. Follow its
    notifications to discover new music Newyork through his post.

  • Irish Pub - The YorkThe characteristic Irishpub, Dublin, which within its foundations and
    structure has traces of a distant past. in its historic cellars are
    the oldest whiskey in the city. We organize evening with

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    Sounds Maker UKThe sound man gives importance to your work, defines your product,
    burn your tunes and makes them perfect. Three recording studios
    available to the requirements of labels and musicians. at any time,

  • The Duke Music ShopThe biggest and varied store of Music in Paris. A necessary step for
    all musicians who want to find a special tool to their sound, both
    modern and vintage. An area dedicated to historic accessories and

  • American Big Bands AssociationInternational Association representing all American Big Band and their
    history from the birth of the great jazz bands of today, we organize
    conventions, festivals and awards. We publish treatises on

  • Sol’s Music SchoolSchool for kids (0-7 years) pre-scolars music education
    With new form of istruction for babies.
    5 didactic didactic sales 10 specialized teachers for preschool education.
    children dining room, small theater for

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    Musically RadioThe radio will accompany you every day, among countless classic
    styles, jazz, rock, etc… Live music offering historical concerts or
    direct live. We will alternate the music, to curiosity, debates and

  • The Commusic Blog Space will publish articles and interviews on partners, sponsored showpages and events, on the most active vendors in the shop area, on music industry influencers. It will also