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  • Omega band Rock/rap/electro sound

    An emerging group of young Europeans who after studying at the conservatories they founded a team where experience rock / rap and electronics. They follow their techniques and mixing vintage pieces with live performance. Original music, live and interactive.

  • Irish Pub – The York

    The characteristic Irishpub, Dublin, which within its foundations and structure has traces of a distant past. in its historic cellars are the oldest whiskey in the city. We organize evening with traditional music and modern emerging groups with national and international.

  • Sounds Maker UK

    The sound man gives importance to your work, defines your product, burn your tunes and makes them perfect. Three recording studios available to the requirements of labels and musicians. at any time, inspiration calls then have the opportunity to record it. kensinghton High Street, 20 – uk

  • The Duke Music Shop

    The biggest and varied store of Music in Paris. A necessary step for all musicians who want to find a special tool to their sound, both modern and vintage. An area dedicated to historic accessories and vinyl records. The duke the shop of your dreams.


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