Commusic Blog Space

The Commusic Blog Space will publish articles and interviews on partners, sponsored showpages and events, on the most active vendors in the shop area, on music industry influencers. It will also
introduce concepts of business, marketing, platform utilization and international initiatives and activities of networking organized by the CoMMusic Center.

Do you want to join?
Subscribe, add a showpage or an event and review them by your fans or customers, the most reviewed will be awarded with an article in the blog and a quality certificate.
Are you an influencer?
Send your experience in the music industry that inspires others.
Are you doing something innovative?
Propose your project, we will develop it and launch it together.
Do you want to promote your ShowPage or Event in sponsor mode?
You will find a space to tell your business and tell its value.
Are you a Commusic Seller?
You can talk about your products and your business proposal.


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