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CoMMusic Incubation of Music Business of the Future
The CoMMusic Center was born from the need to make available spaces for sharing, where the musical-digital research takes shape, where each professional in start-ups in the music industry can develop and practice their profession and their entrepreneurial projects, protecting the their work. The concrete and specific objectives that the CoMMusic Center intends to pursue are numerous: from the creation of an interdisciplinary network between companies, musicians, professionals in the music industry and institutions and academies of Higher Education in Art and Music, to map the activities and concerts of the music districts ; looking on prototyping through industrial design or the beta test of musical instruments, accessories and their specific acoustic environments and app music industry; pedagogical approach to digital development and management in the field of music; the musical development of genres from classical to jazz up to electronics; the promotion of any activities and musical product that you intend to share with CoMMusic both online and off-line in the physical spaces.

Commusicenter.com site is designed to enhance all the needs of the music industry, to publicize the activities, music products, the repertoire of every musician, the accessories and instruments for sale, look for items of the missing team for your project , advertise their concerts or events, locating your business, organize meetings and to book spaces and services of CoMMusic Center, an online Hub and off-line specific for the music industry, and our website is the tool to grow your CoMMusic!
Promo,Loc, e-coM&Search
Promotion: online showcase, which give value to their business or profession, you can publish video images, will be your online portfolio, you can link to other internet pages containing your work, add your phone, email to be contacted … etc.
Location: locates your company on the map of CoMMusicenter, institution, shop, school, recording studio, theater, festivals, record label, radio etc.
E-commerce: sell services and products to members of COMMusic will not need to spend on promotion in social networks to find your target. The commusicenter has already selected your customers, fans, future employees for you.
Search: you can search within the site, according to your needs, whatever the field of music (a musician, a music store, a concert, a school, a manager, a record company etc…)

Concerts and events notification
The real mission of CoMMusic Center is to correlate and map all the energies of the Musical World, through the platform commusicenter.com, you can locate and notify events and concerts without social spam.
Your Virtual PR that you are planning events for local, shops, festivals, radio, musicians and independent labels etc…
Are you live-music funs? Dou You want to know if there is a concert near you? enter in commusicenter.com through our Map you will soon find the right live to your ears!

CoMMusic Center on-off line hub
The CoMMusic Center is an interactive structure, multi-services, which offers for the first time, A combination of spaces and online tools, specially calibrated for the music business sector, the possibility to interact with all existing forms: professional, business, cultural, training and research. Is available to the pure networking, it has designed real physical spaces and online hub, so that everyone can grow and expand in the musical communities and for music. CoMMusic is Served. We work for the Music Business: Small businesses, Start-ups, Entrepreneurs, Innovators, Freelancers, Independent Individuals, Live Music Funs and so on.

The CoMMusic Center involved with enthusiasm many organizations, through various selections was formed and outlined to be a perfect tool for the entire music industry, it has been realized thanks to the “Banca Popolare del Cassinate” during the selection “Prima Idea” which has been promoted by entrepreneurs success and “Università degli Studi di Cassino e del Lazio Meridionale”. Moreover Commusic Center was selected as an innovative company by BIC Lazio. From 2017 our company is associated with Eu-BIC.

Permanent call of music innovation
Have a project that you want to produce? send us your proposal (demo, sketch object or accessory, business idea), the most innovative ideas will be selected to participate in dedicated business sessions and competitions in which industry professionals will choose to work with you for the realization of your idea, in the eventual success in the selections, we will be your first partner and tutor. All the ideas submitted will be protected and promoted by CoMMusic Center, ask us by email to participate, we will send you our confidentiality agreement to be filled in and to resubmit along with your proposal!

The new CoMMusic Center franchising Inter-national CoMMusic Affiliation
The CoMMusic Center offers to prospective franchisees the opportunity to replicate its brand in Italy and abroad, to make online networking closer to the physical structure. Ask us and we will find together the franchise format can be adapted to your possibilities and our service standards.
The world of the music business is changing, we realize every day. With it, they also revolutionize the needs of musicians and businesses, and schools increasingly looking for flexible and personalized services. You’re in the industry, you have too great an office for your employees, you have a commercial property unused but do not want to rent it or you are experienced entrepreneurs and successful and would like to put your skills to the innovative music startup service .. It is open a structure along the network of CoMMusic: a real base of operations designed for the music industry, where the Music Maker or Music Space can perform tasks for an extremely variable weather, dealing with other operators in the sector and meet its valuable assistance in design and implementation of its business idea. The clientele of these activities is really varied. These are professionals who put their skills to the service of companies working from the outside and who choose to share their location coworking to find new stimuli and ideas.
Or turn to offices downtown businesses, compared with the global market, they need to cover long distances and always be available and operational, having a furnished office in another city. Associations, schools, designers, managers, radio, record labels and many others. Finally, the incubator is responsible for designing and developing the business idea of young startups, accelerating growth and penetration in the market.
A ComMusic Center can provide many services in their structural organization, they can also be started gradually with an initial investment and good prospects of income. becomes a CoMMusic center, in the coming years our CoMMusic network will be expanded worldwide.

The future of CoMMusic Fair
On reaching 1.ooo companies or users the CoMMusic will start organizing the first edition of CoMMusic Fair, an international fair that would correlate all users, professionals and companies of CoMMusic.
The future of our company is to make networking, promoting it a daily habit to extend the possibilities in the music business for all
concerned in the music industry.

CoMMusic box, is a removable soundproof room, you can find in every CoMMusic Center affiliate and if you need to have one to fit in your home or in your office or for your business, ask us about the information, costs etc … and we will design your commusic box according to your needs and we will work with the best companies to give you a product of excellent quality.
Installation kit: electrical panel and integrated air replacement, electric and Lan/adsl sockets, soundproof door 45 db, supports and pillars of the structure, soundproof panels.


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