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About Us

We promote, localize and commerce your music business

CoMMusic Center on-off line hub

The CoMMusic Center is an interactive structure, multi-services, which offers for the first time, A combination of spaces and online tools, specially calibrated for the music business sector, the possibility to interact with all existing forms: professional, business, cultural, training and research. Is available to the pure networking, it has designed real physical spaces and online hub, so that everyone can grow and expand in the musical communities and for music. CoMMusic is Served. We work for the Music Business: Small businesses, Start-ups, Entrepreneurs, Innovators, Freelancers, Independent Individuals, Live Music Funs and so on.


The CoMMusic Center involved with enthusiasm many organizations, through various selections was formed and outlined to be a perfect tool for the entire music industry, it has been realized thanks to the “Banca Popolare del Cassinate” during the selection “Prima Idea” which has been promoted by entrepreneurs success and “Università degli Studi di Cassino e del Lazio Meridionale”. Moreover Commusic Center was selected as an innovative company by BIC Lazio. From 2017 our company is associated with Eu-BIC.

Permanent call of music innovation

Have a project that you want to produce? send us your proposal (demo, sketch object or accessory, business idea), the most innovative ideas will be selected to participate in dedicated business sessions and competitions in which industry professionals will choose to work with you for the realization of your idea, in the eventual success in the selections, we will be your first partner and tutor. All the ideas submitted will be protected and promoted by CoMMusic Center, ask us by email to participate, we will send you our confidentiality agreement to be filled in and to resubmit along with your proposal!


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